Help Preserve a Kennebunk Landmark

A landmark at Kennebunk’s crossroads since 1773

Since before our town, our state, or our nation existed, First Parish has been active at the core of the Kennebunk community. Its bell, made by Paul Revere & Sons, served as the town’s timepiece and our first device for mass communication. It rang in celebration and warned of danger, such as during the 1824 fire that destroyed half of Main Street.

First Parish housed the first town meeting space, town offices and library, and firemen stored their ladders underneath. During the First World War, women of the Red Cross met at First Parish to organize relief supplies; during the fire of 1947, it served as a caring center, offering food and shelter to those driven out of their homes.

Our History of Stewardship

The First Parish congregation has undertaken many restoration projects in recent years

  • The trompe l’oeil painting that adorns the sanctuary has been fully restored.
  • The Hook and Hastings tracker organ, installed in 1900, had restoration work performed in 1986 and 2005.
  • The steeple was removed by crane, restored and reset atop the church.
  • An addition to the rear of the building provided classrooms, kitchen, restrooms, office space and handicapped access.
  • The foundation, sill beams and various structural supports have been repaired and restored.
  • The support and ringing mechanism for the Paul Revere bell has been restored, and it now rings again each hour.
  • A complete restoration of the historic E. Howard& Co. steeple clock has been completed.
  • The 200 year old weathervane was replaced with a replica. The original is on display at the Brick Store Museum.
  • Extensive repair work has been performed on the clapboards, roof, front stairway, heating system, windows and electrical systems.
Bell Housing

Click Here to view a wonderful short video of the restored E.Howard and Co. clock, the Paul Revere bell and the dramatic view of the town from atop the steeple..

...prepared & narrated by Kirk Smallman